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Louisiana Creole Tomato
The start of summer brings southern Louisana the sweetest and  juiciest  Creole Tomatoes. Some  floorcloth designs in honor of our tomatoes!
Louisiana Bayou Living
A Gumbo Pot
Jan Salzer's Art 
Jan Salzer takes pride in the quality and detail in her art. All of the floor cloths and paintings are unique, original art work. The rugs are all hand cut, so sizes can vary.
If you have any questions regarding Jan's art or would like more information, please contact us.
The joy of our bayou living is good friends, abundant sea life and knowing how to "pass a good time! "
A little this,a little that...that's what's in a pot of our gumbo! Browse some of Jan's takes on Louisiana living.
A Painting for your kitchen
Even your kitchen can use one of Jan's colorful designs!
Placemats? Yes, please!
​Examples of some Louisiana influenced ceramics work by Jan Salzer.
Great placemats for your table and your pup's dinner bowl!

Take a walk on the wild side with Jan Salzer's  beautiful and fun 
hand-painted floor cloths!!!