Jan Salzer Art

About Jan Salzer Art
Jan Salzer has taught art for many years and lives in New Orleans, LA. She has been creating art for her friends and family most of her life, and now wants to share her work with you!

Jan's floor cloths are designed on heavy weight canvas that has been primed with gesso and hand painted... no stencils here! Jan's eye (and her art brush!)  is in the details. After painting the canvas with acrylic paint, she brushes on 4 to 5 coats of polyacrylic to seal and protect your new rug. Also, each floor cloth is finished with a mitered hem.

These creations are art for your floors, adding color and style to any room. These rugs are durable and easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Make your feet smile with a 
beautiful, hand painted floor cloth by Jan Salzer...a little art for your soles!

Thanks to Jan's daughter for suggesting to her to purchase a kiln, Jan has enjoyed making detailed custom designed ceramics plates, platters and tiles. Each piece is hand painted and she uses only lead free glazes making them pretty and functionable!

I want everyone to have original art at affordable prices! I love what I do!
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