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Acrylic Paintings & Tiles
It seems we spend alot of our time in the kitchen , cooking up big pots of red beans and rice, jambalia, grits and grillades  or creole gumbo. These paintings are textured and painted in acrylic, and I also spray a protective sealant when complete to help keep those shrimp fry greases from damaging your painting! Here are a few examples of my kitchen art...
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Anyone from down south knows about the 
Creole Holy Trinity from your very first cooking lesson as a child...onion, celery and bell pepper!
10" x30", 1.5" profile canvas                      
Louisiana Creole Tomatoes, anyone? Yes, please!
10" x30", 1.5" profile canvas                           
This is 2 separate paintings, each showing a different angle of our Creole Tomatoes. Each individual painting is 10" x 10" .

These pictures look great in a cluster on your kitchen wall!
Let's not forget our mirlitons!
Sometimes, a beach scene makes you feel as though you are on vacation!
Tiles add extra fun to your kitchen!